NALA Awards Gala and Conference

May 5 & 6, 2019

What To Expect

We have packed so many great things into one event. Here are just a few

highlights . . .

The official world-wide launch of the new patented


Roberta Aršulienė, of Lithuania, has developed a new way to lash your clients!

Be the FIRST students, in the world, to learn this innovative technique exclusively at the NALA 2-day Educational Conference in Edmonton.

Hands-on training with the queen of 


Loreta Jasilionyte, owner of Flawless Lashes by Loreta, will do a 90 minute presentation that includes hands-on practice and live mentoring. Learn tips from the best!! Improve your fans, improve your speed & improve your retention!

The exclusive North American debut of the Fox Cosmetics


Mandy Jeffery, of Australia, will be launching her Henna Brow products in Canada in 2019. You will see it here FIRST. Mandy will do a henna brow demonstration and guide you through the do's and don'ts of henna application.

We put a lot of though and care into the itinerary for the educational conference. Our mission is to cover all of the aspects of your lashing career; technique, clients, hygiene, legal, marketing, etc. With this in mind we have secured a fabulous line up of speakers for you!


Discover ALL of the great topics we will cover at the educational conference . . . . . . 

What people are saying about the conference. . . . . 

Hilaree Brand.

I’m loving it here. Levi’s done an incredible job. Very well organized.

Julia Mann.

From the start, everything has been so organized and well presented.

The conference was mind-blowingly amazing! I have never been to anything like this before. And, to be recognized and have an awards ceremony like this is not something that is very common in this industry.

Ethel Reddy.

Each of the presenters has been amazing. For the education and what they bring to us and share is priceless.

Jessi Love.

Everything has been amazing. The vibe is just amazing. I’m super happy to be here.All the topics were super relatable. I was writing notes and trying to soak up every bit of information I could. Its been an amazing event. 

Roxy Canty-Currie.

Conference was so awesome, so fun, so many great speakers. Levi did an amazing job organizing this event. The food was awesome. The topics were current and trendy and its all things that lash artists need to know.

Events like this are so important for the lash world and the lash community. Things are always changing, theres always new trends, new techniques, new science behind things, different ways of doing things, BETTER ways of doing things, so staying on top of these events is really important for a lash artists future.

Tamsen Horton.

Oh my goodness, this has been a tremendous experience. It is just so nice because the content is so important and it was done in such a way that whether you didn’t know anything or whether you were incredibly experienced it seemed like everyone was getting something valuable out of being here.

Donia Leffew.

It was very informative. Every one of the speakers, they didn’t just do a little 15 minute or 20 minute presentation of highlighting what they specialize in, they were extremely in-depth. It was like taking several classes with professionals to build us up.

Lia Juhas.

I love the NALA Conference. I think it was amazing. Levi did an amazing job. My favourite thing was the diversity of speakers. You got to learn about hygiene, you got to learn about the safety, you got to learn about business, lashing legally, advertising, it was huge diversity and a really big opportunity for people to grow.

Cassandra Britton.

I thought there NALA Conference was exceptional. I have a background in event planning and in business marketing and this was very very well ran. I really enjoyed the speakers and I’m definitely leaving here feeling a lot more educated and a lot more confident in the next steps for my business. The information I received from the speakers here is priceless.

Sharon Adams.

I absolutely loved it. It was my first time coming to a lash conference and the friendships and connections that I made here and everything I learned was wonderful. 

Linh Nguyen.

I think NALA Event went really good. Very organized. Everything run very on time. Everyone happy, even speakers and sponsors. 

Valerie Schaubroeck.

This is so much fun. Its always fun to see our lash sisters from around the world get together for a fun event.

Tammy Albanesi.

Being a lash educator, I always want to give my students the most up-to-date information. So I feel being an industry leader you need to be here, you need to be at these industry leading events, so that you can get the most up-to-date information and the latest techniques so that you can provide the best for your students. 

What people are saying about the gala. . . . . 

Courtney Buhler.

I really think what Levi and the NALA Association is doing for the industry is super important. I think that having a collective that people can go to to make sure they are hitting all the important marks is so needed in the industry because it’s so important. Making sure that we’re all on the same page is really important and they’re really helping to shape what the future go the lash industry is becoming.

Sharon Adams.

The best part of the NALA Gala; I really appreciated that everyone was honoured for what they do and bring to the industry. 

Tamsen Horton.

I appreciated, and loved seeing, the celebration of people in the industry; of the leaders; of the innovators, and having what I know are competitors in the room. To see that celebration in such a fun way. Seeing the camaraderie, seeing the support, I loved it! 

Kevin Gooch.

This type of award show impacts the industry, it raises the standard of the lash industry to a higher level. 

Donia Leffew.

Having the awards gala was much-needed in our industry.  The awards ceremony recognizes people who put business first, put the safety of their clients first, and uplift other artists.

Cassandra Britton.

The gala was amazing. I literally felt like I was attending a ball. It was a fairy tale. It was very nice to highlight all of the industry leaders and the people who have been working so hard in this industry and I think it was just a very special moment.

Otto Mitter.

All of the people that won awards tonight really deserved it. They have put so much into this industry. I've been following a lot of these people. I’m completely honoured to be working with these people and to be a part of this night tonight. It was a splendid evening and a great celebration of amazing artists in the industry really helping the industry. 

Lia Juhas.

I think the award gala was amazing. I have never seen anything like it, in our whole entire industry. We got dressed up! It was beautiful; really, really, beautiful.  I think we felt amazing about ourselves. There were so many industry leaders uniting and supporting our industry.

Ellie Malmin.

This NALA Gala is phenomenal. It outweighs anything I’ve ever been to. It is so important for everybody to be here because of what NALA represents, not only education but where our industry is going.

Awards Gala

The NALA Awards Gala is the Academy Awards of The Lash Industry!

Last year's event was the talk of the industry for many months after it was over. NALA Gala is not to be missed.

It's fun, it's glamorous, it's one-of-a-kind. You will never have an experience like this one.

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available until March 31, 2019.

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