Loreta Jasilionyte

Volume Fans and Retention.

Loreta Jasilionyte, founder of Flawless Lashes by Loreta, is one of the lash industries key experts and recognized trainers worldwide. 


Loreta will cover these topics in detail:

  • Main Mistakes When Creating Fans

  • Correct Fans

  • What affects retention when it comes to Volume Technique

  • How to have best retention as possible


followed by a hands-on demonstration of her favourite technique.


Emily Chu-Lee

Infection Control.

Zero-Risk Practices to Raise the Bar

Life is all about taking risks, but your lash appointment doesn't have to be! This presentation will show you some easy-to-implement protocols that will keep you and your client safe, and set you apart from your competition.

Emily Lee, AKA The Queen Bee, is the CEO of BeautyPro Media. She is also an Award-winning Esthetician and Lash Professional in Vancouver, Canada. Emily is the Founder of Vancouver-based studio, Queen Bee Spa; an International Judge and Educator; an Advisory Board Member of NALA; a freelance Competition Consultant and Multi-Media Journalist. Emily was the Supreme Overlord of Lash Wars and Executive Director of NEESA for four years.


Roberta Aršulienė 

Feather Technique

Technologist, innovator, creator and author of the patented eyelash extensions Feather technique.


Roberta is the training manager and educator at GK academy and an expert in eyelash extensions and brows services. She started her career in London 12 years ago and continues to work with her clients. 


She also helps manufacturers to create and test new products for the lash industry. Roberta is usually the first to know what will come to market; sometimes up to 2 years before anyone hears about it.


Roberta is a BL Lashes ambassador and educator, lashes and brows journalist, her work is on the covers of international magazines. She also prepares training programs which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.


Roberta is a perfectionist who always strives for the best, most perfect results and she will be demonstrating her patented FEATHER TECHNIQUE at the NALA Conference.


Mimmi Ebbersten

Troubleshoot Your Techniques.

Mimmi is the owner of Lashia, which is a family run business that started in a basement in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006 and has since grown into a world-leading brand. 


Having hosted the first ever Swedish Championships and judged multiple international eyelash competitions, Mimmi is known to be very strict when it comes to "stickies" and adhesive safety and looking after lash health are some of her top priorities.

Her passion and excitement for this industry is infectious. After nearly 13 years specializing in Eyelash Extensions she is sitting on a bomb of knowledge. Come and listen to her sharing some of her best tips on how to become the Lash Master of your dreams.

Mimmi will cover useful tips and tricks to help improve your career including, but not limited to:

  • Adhesive troubleshooting

  • Retention issues

  • Client pics b/a cleansing. 

  • Bacteria on lash strips. 


Jessi Love

Common People, Common Goal, Ideal System.

Jessi Love is a co-founder of Lash Common Inc. and owner of one of the city's most recognizable eyelash extension salons.

Photo shoots, international runway shows, film and television - Jessi had no trouble finding her place in the beauty industry. But it was her entrepreneurial savvy that brought her into the lash industry. And her business acuity saw opportunity in both, the artistry and education of lashes. She built a profitable business from the ground up for the past 11 years, in addition to establishing a first-class lash training academy and product line. 

Even with her many successes and accolades, her expertise and artistry, Jessi is actually all about the people and the community she has been building. Her connection to clients and their satisfaction is how she measures her success. And the satisfaction she derives from inspiring students is the source of her motivation. Jessi Love isn’t just about beauty or good business models. She is turning her attention to the need for a shared quality experience for customers, and an industry voice among a more connected network of professionals.


Jessi will share her expertise and real life struggles to help shine light on some beneficial aspects of the business franchising model.


Levi Shephard

Guarantee Your Success.

Levi Shephard, NALA President, will play host to the 2-day educational conference.

Levi will also take the stage during the conference to share her personal journey to success and show you EXACTLY how you can do the same to create the life of your dreams.

Levi has dedicated her entire career to supporting lash artists around the world and assisting in the advancement of the lash industry. Over the years she have gained experience in many aspects of  business; lash artist, lash extensions educator, lash and brow studio owner, professional product developer, founder of an accredited training academy, and author of business-building ebooks.

In early 2016 Levi sold The Lash & Brow Studio, and gave up her training academy, to focus on The National Association of Lash Artists full time.

NALA is dedicated to nurturing the growth and sustainability of our professional trade. This association, in a very short time, has been instrumental in improving professional standards for lash technicians and lash educators across the globe.

Levi at desk.png

Courtney Buhler

Lash Styling.

Sugarlash PRO CEO & founder, Courtney Buhler, talks about the vital importance of lash styling — and how she felt so strongly about it, she created LashPRO Academy’s Lash Styling course.


She covers how to execute style maps using varied lash lengths and strategically-placed curls to compliment every client’s unique eye shape — and why styling puts the “art” in “lash artistry”.


Petr Lhotský

Petr is an international educator, host of the biggest international eyelash extensions educational congress, and owner of Diamond Lashes.

Petr understands that many lash artists feel inadequate when they compare their work to images of perfect lash extensions on social media. They see these amazing, flawless pictures of lash extensions which they have never accomplished for their own clients.

Petr's presentation will focus on lashing for every day not just for pictures. He will explain why most pictures on social media are just an illusion and do not represent what is most important to our clients.

Petr Lhotský.jpg

Trish van Duinen


Trish van Duinen, founder and CEO of Black Cat Lashes, will take the stage TWICE during our 2-day conference.

FIRST, you learn the difference between Russian Volume and American Volume, THEN, you will be treated to Trish's very unique presentation The Science Behind Our Business: Factors Affecting Polymerization.

Trish is a world-renowned lash educator who is best known for her willingness to mentor anyone who asks. Trish is an industry leader with a keen knowledge of what's trending.


Kelly Storer


Kelly Storer, Director of Enchanted Spa in Perth Western Australia, will be commanding the stage for TWO presentations during our educational conference,


On day one Kelly will share tips and advice about marketing and branding. Two very important aspects that play a big role in the success of your lash business.

On day two, she will teach you how to build a happy, loyal team who love your business as much as you. Whether you are a home salon, commercial salon, training school or product distributor, Kelly will invite you to look at things a different way. As with everything she teaches, she will dig into the why, not just the how, to give you the tools to confidently grow your business.

Kelly is a multi award winning Artist • International competition Judge • Editor of lash Inc Australasia magazine • International event speaker • Published Columnist and Lash expert adviser • Featured in Lash Master Book Volumes 3 and 4 • Certified Trainer and Assessor and Mentor • Academy Principal • Accredited Course Developer 

With nearly 25 years experience in the beauty industry and successful multi salon ownership, her days are now spent on her passion for teaching others how to professionally, safely and competently perform Lash and Brow services. 



Mandy Jeffery

Introducing Fox Cosmetics Brow Henna.

You'll see it here first! Mandy Jeffery is debuting her Fox Cosmetics Brow Henna in Canada and it all starts on the NALA Conference stage.


Ever taken a picture of your finished lash set and then noticed the brows just aren't up to scratch? Wish you could easily upgrade your lash services to make more money in less time by adding brow services but just don't know where to start?


Mandy has been in the beauty industry in Australia for 22 years, specializing in Skin Care, Lashes and Brows.


Learn the ins and outs of henna, how and why it works (and why it may not work) including a live demonstration - lift your brow and lash game for good with this new skill set!

Mandy Jeffery.jpg