Nominate Someone

Do you know someone in the lash industry who deserves recognition for their positive contribution?


Anyone can nominate anyone. You can even nominate yourself (you can’t win if we  don't know about you!) for one or more of our prestigious awards.


How to nominate:


  1. Read the definitions to determine which award the industry superstar qualifies for.

  2. Click the nominate button below. (This will direct you to the checkout page on the NALA main website.)

  3. Provide your email address and pay the nomination fee ($52.50 CAD)

  4. After checkout you will be taken to the nomination form.

  5. Once the form is complete you will given the option to purchase and submit another nomination or to return to the website.

  6. If you choose to purchase and submit another nomination, the website will warn you that you've already purchased this item. You may continue without issue and repeat the nomination submission steps as many times as you like.


All nominees are informed of the nomination via email and must formally accept their nomination to be considered for a NALA Industry Award. We do not reveal who nominated them (that secret stays between us - unless you want them to know in which case you may tell them yourself).


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